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 Staying loged in
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 10 Feb 2014 @ 20:37.

Why is it that as I go from one subject to another,I am told that I am not logged in?This does not happen all of the time,although it does happen often.Although I did log in at the start.Cheers Jim.

Posted by bluebedouin on Mon 10 Feb 2014 @ 20:57.

Could you give us a bit more info,Jim?
Which url address do you access the site with,which browser & operating system?

Posted by Colin Birch on Mon 10 Feb 2014 @ 21:19.

It could be a few things. Corrupt cookies? Try deleteing cookies from this site, log out and re-login.
If you are clicking on links from one message to another then it could be down to the URL you are logged in to. There's an assortment of domains leading to this site such as,, and the cookie only works on the one you logged in to. If, for example, you log in at and the message you are reading has been posted with a link to another message on the forum via then your cookie won't be recognised and it'll tell you you need to log in.

 staying loged in
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 11 Feb 2014 @ 21:21.

Hi ,Colin & Blue bedouin,thanks for your reply's.I am sorry I can not give more detail as Ido'nt really understand computer's.I will get my stepson to read Colin's info and explain all to me.Thanks 's again lads.I really look forward to meeting you.Cheers+Beers,Jim.

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