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Colin Birch
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How do I add a photo of me or my CF to the photo gallery?

To add your photo just go to the photo gallery. From the main menu click on 'Members Area' and then 'Photos of Members & Their CFs' or click on the following link

Click on either 'Members Mug Shots' or 'Members CFs'.
You will now see a link at the bottom of the screen - [ Upload a file ]. Click on the link.
Click the 'Browse' button and find the photo that you want to upload.
Enter a bit of info about you or your van (depending on which you are uploading!) and then click on the 'Add Photo' button.
You photo will then be uploaded to the server. The photo will not be visible until I have verified it. This is a security measure to stop idiots from uploading porn onto the site.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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