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Brand New Bedhead

Hi All
I'm Dan, from Sussex and bought my '84 beddy from an Aussie guy in London a couple of weeks ago. I'm loving it already, got lots of plans as I'm sure we all have, so far i've just got round to insulating and ply lining it as it's just a panel van at the moment. Oh and a little bit of the old rust removal!! They really can be rotton old pears huh! Would love to do the Rover V8 conversion sometime soon but it seems they are quite hard to come by at the moment so we shall see... Not sure of the history of my yet unnamed van as she's a 2 litre petrol model but appears to have a diesel clutch? The plot thickens! Anyway, just a quick hello really, would be great to meet up with some other bedheads some time in the future.
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Hi Dan & welcome.Where are you from in Sussex?My brother lives in Lancing & we're going down on Sunday.If you're close we could meet up for a chat.:D


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