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How Heavy Am I?

Hello! I am a brand new member to CFUK and owning a CF so know absolutly nothing about .... well, most things. In a fit of stupidity(?) I have just purchased a CF Ambulance/Minibus beast. Now, my first question is, what exactly is it? I understand she had 8 passenger seats in (all long gone), with front sliding doors and a double rear door. She also has a double rear axle and 2.3 petrol engine on a 3 speed autobox and is 17'9ish long. Does that make her a 350L? Now, here is the more important bit. She is registered as a disabled passenger vehicle with gross weight of 4574kg and i am wanting to change her to a PLG and down-plate her, preferably to 3000kg, certainly to 3500kg. Does anyone know what the unlaiden weight would be and has anyone done anything like this before who can advise me how?
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Hi Ian & welcome to the club.First off,there's nothing stupid about buying a cf.Unless we're all stupid.....Ah,actually you might have a point there!
There should be a plate somewhere on the van,usually on the passenger door pillar that would give you the details.Failing that a trip to your nearest weighbridge sounds in order.As for down-plating,sorry mate I ain't got a clue.
Gethin will probably pop in later this morning,he'll know more about that.
Got any pics?


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