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back from another jolly

well im hoping it wasnt the last of this year but as it was nice and we HAD to pick a few things up from some places so we decided to take the van and make a trip of it .
we headed out to west bay and had only gone a few miles when we had a fuel leak but had some spare pipe so fixed it quite quickly got to west bay but they seem to be really strict with people staying over night [ bloody councils ] and any way we stayed there a year or so ago so thought we would head the Lyme Regis ............WOW THE HILLS but she made it up them and we had a lovely night in a car park there [ only to see a sign saying no sleeping in the morning lol ]
we then had to go to Sherbourne so did a few little towns on route and then hunted for a place for the night again knowwhere was to be found [ bloody councils ] but after a look we spent the night near the gates to the old castle and it was real nice had a walk through the town in the evening had a few pints and a good night sleep .
so the 3rd day we picked some stuff up and then trundled back down to Badbury rings and had a piknik there and the dog had a good run then we drove back home .
so that was our latest trip not sure how far we travelled but we used nearly £75 petrol and apart from the fuel pipe every thing went well and we had a blast EVEN going up the hills lol.....any way i hope you enjoy this and i hope even more that it will not be our last this year ..
peace and cider


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