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Ongoing Starting Woes

Would be very grateful for some advice on continuing starting problems with our 1983 2.3 petrol CF 250 (with very basic fixed-timing LPG plumbed straight in to the Weber carb intake hoze)
Starting from cold is fine - it often refuses to start when HOT.
Work done so far:
Float level checked and carb cleaned
Electronic fuel pump fitted with Filter King regulator/filter (mainly to stop over-fuelling)
New Lucas HT leads
New Distributor cap
Plugs checked (being replaced next)

The coil is getting hot - but difficult to tell if this is just heat from the engine as it is sited just above it. Also, an AA man said one of the LT leads was a bit suspect. I guess I should run complete new leads to ignition switch and to the distributor ?

My budget is limited so need to avoid a certain CF spares supplier if possible (!) Does anyone know if any Lucas coil will fit (is it ballast-resistor ??)or if not, provide a part number and/or a sensible priced supplier ?
Same goes for a rotor arm (Delco distributor)
And also a bottom radiator hose as this is leaking.

Any other bright ideas gratefully received to stop me taking my 14 lb hammer to the old girl ( the VAN not the other half !)

Thank you


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