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12v system in camper

Hi does anyone know no about the 12v wiring
On a S reg cf camper,.

Dose every thing run off starter battery ?
And would it be worth putting a zig unit in
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Presuming you mean the domestic wiring,there are no hard & fast rules.Each owner would probably have added their own little bits & bobs somewhere & more than likely used any old bit of wire they had hanging around.
Most campers would have a separate leisure battery fitted.Referring to my previous comment,it could be anywhere in the van.
Nothing wrong in fitting a zig unit,keeps everything tidy.


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Bob Hillier
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You don`t say which camper you have, (and there are a few) Tony. But it would be a rare beast that had no leisure battery fitted, or at least. provision for one. Better with and dodgy without. search the web for price and make it big enough to run your T.V. etc. 75 amps is about mid range. Getting the required wiring info (Zig etc) is a mares nest, but that's where the fun is!!!!.

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