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Hi, new to Bedfords.

Hi, my names Darren and, along with the wife and 2 kids, are looking to get our first Bedford.
We've had a couple of modern camper type vehicles - Mazda Bongos. The first was great until the engine went bang, and the second just didn't feel right, or fun. We've always liked the look of the Cf 250s, so thought it would be a good idea to research and find out a bit more before possibly going ahead and buying one.

I've had classic minis, and an assortment of older vehicles in the past , so the age, look and feel of a Bedford certainly appeals.

I've spotted a few on ebay in varying conditions and prices, but not in a major rush, so going to take my time and see what's out there.
And probably have lots of questions along the way

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Beddy!
As you've owned classics before you'll be prepared for the work involved in maintaining them.
A basic mechanical knowledge is needed with them too.There's nowhere to plug a diagnostic computer.


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