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A dilemma!

Hi all,

To restore my van as best I can I'm going to be removing the original interior (Dormobile?) before the bodywork gets a good going over.

Most of the structure of the interior is original part from the fridge area where there is now a big hole in the side of the wardrobe, and the wall/mirror/light area has been removed (badly). The plywood flaps for the multipurpose seats also look like they've been replaced.

The kitchen sink and hob are in pretty decent condition, all the seats have already been recovered well and a newish carpet has been fitted.

I'd like to re use as much as possible but most of the cabinet panels have issues and are weak/broken around hinges and catches. Being a carpenter I would quite like to use the old sections as a pattern and replace everything with new Birch plywood sections, using all the old fixings.

Out of interest what is the general thought on something like this, should I try to repair as best as I can, or should I replicate as faithfully as possible? My carpentry skills are very good and I plan to keep the van for many years, I'm not just doing it up to sell.

Thanks for your opinions!

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When I had my van I wasn't concerned with keeping it in original condition.I even fitted a volkswagen master cylinder because I couldn't get a cf one at the time.Also the interior wasn't standard when we bought it & I altered to suit our requirements anyway.
The thing about campers is that most previous owners add or subtract their little bit so they'll never be "original".Unless you're going to exhibit it I don't see the point in maintaining originality.


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Colin Birch
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Personally I wouldn't worry about how original it looks. After all it's you that's going to be using it so it needs to be set out so that everything you want is where you want it.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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As others have already said, make her your own. I thonk the only thing that will be original on mune when I am finished is the shell....


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