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I need to repair the rear top corners of my CF pop top, the rear door header, the rear valance, and the right rear door upright. (Almost the whole van from the arches back!).

I've found a donor van that I could pillage parts from but where would be best to cut!

My assumption is that the rear valance and door header were originally welded onto the two corner upright panel sections, so I figure cutting the sections in the door frame corners vertically would work.

Because my roof has already been cut about a foot from the back to make space for the pop top, I also assume I could cut from that point down into the side panels of the van to the top of the side windows. Then cut from just in front of the rear 1/4 panels up to the bottom of the side windows.

I could potentially cut the entire back end off the donor van and replace everything, but it strikes me that without a lot of reinforcement it would end up quite weak.

Any suggestions/advice? The donor van is a newer CF2 but has exactly the same side pop top conversion as mine, and because the back is much better than mine I have plenty of options for which bits I replace as smaller sections or big lumps.

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you will notice where the panels join together , this is the best place to join .
if you cut before the joint on your van and after the joint on the donor you should then be able to clean up both edges and clamp them in place prior to welding.

I'm sure that bluebedouin will post a exploded diagram of the body for you .

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