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Strange Sized Tyres

I went to try and get a new set of tyres for my cf250 yesterday and the guy in the shop said the current tyres were a strange size at 225/60 R14 which I sort of no new anyway which is part of the reason why I want to change them.

He suggested a set of 205/70 R14 but also suggested I check with some forums first to see what they thought?

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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standard size would be 185/14 or 195/14..

205/70/14 will keep the speedo almost in check as to true speed.

nothing wrong with 225/60/14 either but make sure that you put van tyres on and not car ones or your insurance will be invalid, therefore make sure that they have the letter C after the size ,,,,,,205/70/14/C
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