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Is it massively tricky to remove the front windscreen?
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Depends on whether you want to put it back again.


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it can be a slow process unless the rubber surround is so badly deteriorated and your renewing it when your re fitting the windscreen, then you can just cut the rubber outer face allowing you to remove the windscreen easily,

if you need to keep the rubber then you need to very carefully lift the inner rubber lip and use some lolly sticks to keep it lifted away from the metal surround , once you have managed to get 3 sides (top and both sides) peeled back you can carefully push the top of the windscreen out very gently preferably using 2 sets of hands. again use pieces of wood to stop the rubber re attaching to the metal of the van, this can be a simple job or if its been filled with sealant then it will take time,
what ever you do take your time or you will will end with a shattered windscreen............
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