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interior lights not working

Hi All

We recently bought a 1985 Bedford, first trip away everything worked, second trip interior lights wouldn't work. We've replaced the leisure battery but still no lights. Any advice gratefully received as our summer hol in it starts this week!
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Colin Birch
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Hi and welcome to the site.

Could you give us a bit more information. Is it a home built or commercial van conversion or a coachbuilt? If it's not home built do you know the make of the conversion? Does it have a 'zig' unit ? Have you traced the wiring from the leisure battery to a fuse box and checked the fuses? Can you post a photo of the van so if anyone has the same type they may know where any fuse boxes may be.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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