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Engine oil

Hi all, when I first got my camper the oil was not new but clear, and I don't think the van had run for a few years. Once I had it running again in short bursts it started to build up a bit of the milky stuff. I assumed it was probably a build up of condensation/water in the system so once I'd worked on the engine a bit more and got it running well I got it up to temp and it seems to only be a trace amount now on the dipstick and nothing anymore in the rocker cover oil filler pipe. Should I be concerned any more about this? I was planning on replacing the engine oil anyway, which leads me to my second question.

Should I stick to a 10w/40 semi synthetic engine oil or replace with something else like a fully synthetic.

Thanks, Nick
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never use fully synthetic oil in the Beddy as it will destroy the oil pump seals.
never use flushing oil either for the same reason as above.
10/40 is good to use

slight mayonnaise is normal at the filler neck as this it the coolest part of the engine.

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