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So much stuff!!!!

So, after deciding to completely strip my van down to barely a shell, I have ended up with loads of questions! You guys have been a great source of info and advice, thanks for all your help so far, you've saved me a ton of time and messing about.

The current questions are as follows:

1) The studs on my exhaust manifold were a total mess and when I removed the exhaust they stripped the thread totally. What is the best way to remove or replace them? I reckon they're probably rusted solid to the manifold. Could I cut them off and weld new stud to it?

2) Is it usual for a section of the floor to be cut away for the starter motor? and if not any ideas why mine might look like this:

3) After getting the engine up to speed and burning off the condensation from the engine the oil is now better. However, a tiny amount of liquid, about three drops worth, seeped out of the join between the brake servo and brake master cylinder. Would this be linked to getting the whole van up to speed/temp again, maybe condensation from the pipe running from the engine to servo? I eased the master cylinder away from the servo and it was ever so slightly grimy/rusty at the join which I cleaned out. The gasket seemed good, and no liquid has returned in the last few days. Could the master cylinder need an overhaul?

4) Was it normal on an auto to replace the metal gear selector plate with a plywood section, was this something to do with the dormobile conversion, or someone else's doing?

Cheers, Nick
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thats a bitb strange lol


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So much stuff.It comes to us all

Hi Nick,I will try to answer you .1 Studs what I would do is have them cut off drilled and taped.Then fit new studs.2 It looks to me like some one has fitted a larger starter motor than standard.3 I would say that this van has been out in all weathers,this would mean condensation would be very bad.I would remove the master cylinder as a matter of corse.4I think the plate you are talking about is just a cover.If so a piece of wood will do the job I hope this he3lps.Cheers+Beers,Jim.


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as for your exhaust
you are better off removing the whole exhaust manifold.

you then need a good source of heat to get the area around the studs cherry red.

be careful as the heat will be there for a long time.
with the exhaust cherry red using either a stud extractor or a good pair of grips try undoing the studs ...
If all goes to plan you should have 2 studs on the bench and some nice clean threads in the manifold.

you can clean these up with a imperial tap if you wish .
fit new studs
with 2x 1/2" nuts locked up against each other using the outer nut to turn the studs in till tight....

you can use brass nuts on the exhaust joint to enable the easy removal of the exhaust if needed again.

remember to try and save the O ring or fit a new one if its to badly damaged...

the floor where the starter is needs to be repaired with a welded piece of metal .. this will enable the Beddy to pas its
MOT ..
the starter is the wrong type and will need changing

you will need to either fit a new master-cylinder or fit a new seal kit if the bore is serviceable...

any leakage of brake fluid needs urgent attention ............

there has never been a wooden piece of floor fitted to the Beddy and you can still get the metal plate and with that in place you can fit the gaiter for the gear stick in place properly thus stopping fumes and noise entering the Beddy

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