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Refurbing my '79 Autosleeper.

I've had my Autosleeper just over a year now, and used it quite a bit.
We knew it wasn't in the best condition bodywise, and had hope to just have the
"damp course" done....sills, rear quarters and arches.
However, after the Missus snapped a chunk off the arch with a "here, look at this"....we thought
we'd best get it sorted sooner rather than later.

I can't have it off the road forever while I tried fitting the work in, plus it meant doing it outside
and dodging the rain and wind, so we booked it in with a local body shop in Gloucester, after first asking around,
then going to see them and their work for ourselves.

We managed to get a n/s wing and rocker from Ian Sanders, his white CF panel van was featured in Classic Van and Pickup.
I think he must have had nearly all the NOS panels available, including the o/s wing!
We also snapped up the o/s rocker when one was offered, as that's a complicated bit of metal to be making from scratch.

Sills were from Adrian Bailey, and also the rear quarters, which although not brilliant, have definitely made getting the corners finished easier.

Anyway, enough waffle......the following pics show the work so far on the nearside. We've had it back for now, and removed all of the
interior except the front seats.
The bodyshop took out the n/s cupboards to get at the floor, so we hope when they have it back the work will be completed fairly quickly.

Words with the pics, feel free to comment or ask questions.

Cheers, Tony.


Mon 22 Sep 2014 @ 22:56 Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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super work that is, im trying to get some rocker panels for mine but being a cf2 it seems reproductions dont exist. dagger!
Fri 01 May 2015 @ 12:40 Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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