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Ignition fuse blowing


I have a 1986 CF2 (20N engine). The van cut out yesterday and would not start. The AA came out, and said it was the ignition module. I changed this and it still wouldn't start.
I then checked the fuses, and fuse number 13 (Electronic Ignition) was blown. I replaced this, and the van started. It then ran for a few minutes and stalled again, and would not restart. On checking the fuse, I found this had blown again.

Does anyone know the best place to start looking to cure this problem? Or has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance



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Did you fit the electronic ignition or was it a previous owner?The reason I ask is because the standard fuse box only has 12 terminals.

I'm no electrician so only guessing here;does the fuse get hot & then blow or is it a sudden blow.If the former it would indicate to me that it's an overload.The latter would be a short circuit,loose wire going to earth.
Are there any other wires connected to that circuit?If so it could be something there that's causing the problem rather than the ignition.


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Thanks for the reply

It has the 21 position fuse box, the ignition system is all original.

The problem has been solved now....I used the positive to the coil to power an electric radiator fan. The fans thermostat wire was shorting out on the positive terminal connector....hard to explain but sorted now!
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