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Identifying my Autobox

Hi, having a small problem identifying my Auto-box. I am wanting to replace the sump gasket which is weaping a bit. In the Haynes manual, it says that there are 3 different boxes depending on age (shes an '84 on an A plate, Hanlon Ambulance) and the Identification is on the serial number plate, JA, JV or VE being the possibilities. My plate no. has EV in it. Is this a forth type? Have Haynes done a typo? (like the '4.5 pints (4.6 litres)' futher down the page) or have I just lost the plot? Are the gaskets the same, anyway? And is there any filter in the sump, and if so, is it to be replaced or just cleaned?
Cheers, Ian
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Auto box.

Hi NinaBedford,

If you take off the sump give it a measure and have a gasket made up and cut from gasket cardboard, there is a pickup filter which is a metal strainer type and you will be amazed at the mount of muck left behind in the sump.
Use lint free cloth or kitchen roll and don't touch the valve block or any of the moving part with it, a flush through and second drain is a good way to go.



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