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Thank you all.

Hi to all,

Yesterday seventy one years and nine months since my dear old Dad's Christmas leave in 1943, he could not believe his luck and a break from training Polish squaddies as a Blackwatch instructor.
But his next posting came through to report to a training camp near Eastbourne and to tell no one where he was being sent, but by the 6th of June he got an all expense paid trip to a sandy beach in Normandy.
He thought Sword was a strange name for a beach resort but said they got one hell of a welcome.
So by the time I met him it was October 1946, and he had had free travel all the way to Berlin and back home to Scotland.
So thanks to him and all of you for the happy birthday wishes, he only missed two but said he would never go back even if they paid all the costs over again.
He never got to be as old as I am now, and I got to be this old because of him and all those like him.



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It's little snippets of memories like this that really bring home the reality of the past.Sadly,the younger generation will slowly forget the sacrifices made by our forefathers.
Thank you,Doug,for sharing this.Thanks also to your father for his part in our history.


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The freedom we now enjoy is due to the sacrifice of people like your father, we are all en debited to his like.

Happy birthday @Doujoy.

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