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brake conversion,

Hello everyone, im currently converting my cf 250 front brakes from drums to disks, got a hold on a complete set off hubs and spindels with disks and calipers with the master cylinder and booster,the booster has an extra (copper) valve mounted on the booster (this was not on the older smaller one, is this front or rear brake line ?), then this line goes to some splitter block ?? (its a copper thing with 2 lines on each side and one on the bottom, and has a electric connector to it), now my question is what do i need from the old system and how to connect ?, i am changing brake lines now and it doesn't look that it was connected the right way, i am changing the brakes because i want to drive the van again after a couple of years and want it to brake better than before, thank you Benny.


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its a brake warning lamp actuator .
2 feeds from the master cylinder and 1 supply to rear brakes the
2 supply to front brakes.
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Hi Gethin, thank you, so that means that i can live without this actuator ? ( brake lamp is switched by the brake pedal ), just run the rear brake line straight to the rear axle, and i need a tee line (three)to get the feeding line to the two front wheels if im right,

the master cylinder has two exit brake lines, witch of them is the rear and the front ?, i guess that the one closesd to the booster is the back breaks,

then the front goes to that copper thing mounted on the booster ( what does that do ?),

the problem for me is that the new brake brakes have connections that are diff that the drum ones ( male / female) so i have to get new line screws ( dont know how they are called in English ) to make all work, and i live on an island where its hard to get if its possible to get,

so if i dont need that copper lamp actuator it saves me a lot of ordering and waiting !,

i did put all new seals in the calipers and have new brake hoses mounted, new brake pads, is there something else that i maybe ( forgot) or have to know by doing this conversion ?,

i want to thank you for your time, Benny,
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