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Bedford cf1 -

I am keen on this Ice vending van:

"Very rare Genuine Morrison coach built ice cream van Classic Bedford cf1 original morrison built full cowl soft van fitted with a carpigiani van 1 machine and an Opel diesel 2.3 engine, it's a 1979 and so is one of the last cf1's built with the morrison full cowl body with the fibreglass front entrance door....1979-80Bedford c"

I am going to have a look at this van on wensday. I run a Freightliner food truck and know where to look after and how to take care of everything. But this van is new to me. What is special or on what should have a closer look or what should I check before buy this van? I can easily check the body and the chasis, tyres or the brakes. But are there other parts that I should check in detail? I am not talking about the Ice making maschines.

I am looking forward to hearing from you:)

Best regards


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Mr Softee.

Hi Rana,

If the under side is as good as the top side bodywork you will have a good classic, you don't mention price but I would expect it to be quite high.
I have known some of these vans to have gearbox problems, depending on mileage and oil levels being checked.
Some of them had multi-driver abuse if they belonged to fleet owners, check for diesel leaks and oil leaks and soft or damaged engine and gearbox mounts.
But it does seem to have been looked after going by its picture, the piece missing out of the grill at the heater air intake is interesting!
And I hope the REG is not an omen TOW!!!



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