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Beatrix - Bedford CF250 Autosleeper


We're new to the forum and have so far found it really helpful so thank you :)

We have recently purchased a 1980 Bedford CF250 Autosleeper, she needs a bit of work which we've started to do but are really struggling to find a couple of things and are wondering if anyone could help.

One of the previous owners seems to have added in an extra window by the bed over the cab as I can't find any other vans with this window. I have tried a few companies but am really struggling to find a replacement and it has a few cracks in which are causing her to leak. She also has an old fiamma vent measuring 360mm x 360mm which I am finding a replacement for nearly impossible as they no longer make them - could I use another make with the same measurements? The other thing that she needs is seals for the cab windows, I've contacted seals direct and they dont do the ones that she needs. Any ideas?

The rest of it is hopefully all fixable with lots of love and tlc :)

Thank you for any help.
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