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Cf250 motorhome

Hi all. I've just been given a 1981 (x)Bedford cf250 2.3petrol autosleeper motor home by my father in law. He's had it for years and spend loads on it over the years. It's not long ran out of mot so I put it in for mot yesterday. For a 36year old van it done well. But did fail on a few thing. 1 of which is the front shock absorber and a leak from the drivers side rear half shaft seal. I've been hunting on the internet but it seems bits are few and far between. I have found a few shocks on eBay but there seems so be loads of different cf's (weight , size) The rear half shaft seal I've been told that it's part of the rear wheel bearing. Is this true? If any one can shine some light on this or if some one knows of any parts I would be truely great full.
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CF250 1981.

Hi Rob 2554,

It is correct that rear half-shaft oil seal is just an O-ring rubber that goes around the outer edge of the bearing casing to stop the diff oil from passing through into brake drum.
For the shock absorber have a look on-line at a site called mad armadillo parts I got mine on there, front and rear and the front one's have a pin top and bottom.



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