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Off the road.

Hi to all,

Being off the road this season has got some advantages having got the outside of the roof water tight it has given me time to take down the internal roof covering only to discover the old ceiling underneath.
Having cut all that out with its water soaked plywood backing reinsulating and then refitting the plastic ceiling panels that I removed giving me an nice dry campervan and getting rid of that horrible damp smell.
I have also found the time to fit that over-dive gearbox that has laid in my shed for a year, but only being able to do two or three test drives instead of all the seasonal rallies that I can normally get to.
But on the up side I have managed to cure two very annoying small oil leaks that have dripped and made a mess for a long time, the only good thing about that leaking oil is that the chassis from there back is well coated so should not rust.
The other good use of my old Bedford is that makes a very interesting play area for my two grand children, one pretends to drive while the other washes all the dishes, keeps them quiet and happy for hours.



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