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Hi to all,

Final test drive to check out if the speedo cable I got from Jim Evens was working and to set my mind at rest about that prop-shaft angle and centre mount
were tight and the gearbox stabiliser bushes were doing their job.
Couple of rattles that I have now found the cause of and put right, a bit concerning after a change to that larger over-drive gearbox.
Much tighter gear-change with my anti-rattle and spring clip setup, the gear-stick that came with the box was very worn and had to be changed and the rubber seating for the gear-stick inside the top of the turret is a successful idea.
Sometimes it is the simple idea's that work the best, no long journey's planned for this year while my wife is so ill but if need be the improvements could be a good selling point for the Bedford if that is what I decide to do.



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