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Colin Birch
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Are you flashing?

It seems that the Phillips 'Hue' remote lighting system has been hacked.
"The worm spreads by jumping directly from one lamp to its neighbors, using only their built-in ZigBee wireless connectivity and their physical proximity. The attack can start by plugging in a single infected bulb anywhere in the city, and then catastrophically spread everywhere within minutes, enabling the attacker to turn all the city lights on or off, permanently brick them, or exploit them in a massive DDOS attack."

This brings a couple of questions to mind. Why would anyone want to come up with a virus for a light bulb and more to the point, what the hell is the point of a networked light bulb? Are we becoming so lazy that we can't get up and turn on a light?

It's getting really stupid. You can get a kettle that you can control over your WIFI (Link ). Prices seem to vary from £50 - 100. A normal kettle starts at around £4.99 in Argos. So, you can boil the kettle via your phone. You still have to get off your a rse to fill the bloody thing and to pour it into a cup/mug afterwards. What's the point? It seems to me that we (well, not us personally) are developing these things just because we can and not because there's a need. Anyway, most of us have a remote control for the kettle already. It's called 'A Wife'

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
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I had to google DDos to see what it was. I now wait for the film Attack of the Killer Lamposts and Kettles. It will probably blame the Russians or an MI6 rogue agent.

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