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Annual holiday trip

One of the reasons I bought the Bedford was to easily be able to go and visit my wife's family in Oban and be self contained while we do so.

We have just returned from the annual trip north and I thought you might be interested to hear how we got on.

Bearing in mind that we finally found the source of the misfire that has plagued us for ages, this being a faulty new Lucas coil and a dry soldered joint on the resistance wire forming the ballast resistor.

As it happened my spare van has the Bosch distributor and electronic ignition pack so this was fitted just before we left.

Over the 1100 miles we covered in the two weeks the fuel consumption returned was 24.41 mpg, this from cruising at no more than 50 mph, we were not in a hurry. This was especially comforting because from Heysham to Sterling we were motoring into the teeth of a gale and as the van is a coach built it has a lot of windage. Coupled with this we spent quite a bit of time exploring the Ardnamurchan peninsula, mostly comprising single track roads with frequent passing places but being very hilly and twisty a lot of the 40 odd miles covered here were in third gear at 20 or 25 mph.

The engine ran like a sewing machine, the only snag being the engine pinking a bit due to the arbitrary timing before departure (seemed a little too far advanced) and a persistent oil leak from the crank seals.

Apart from the engine the biggest problem was the state of the Scottish roads, many potholes which frequently caused the suspension to crash the bump stops, this in spite of replacing both the front springs and shocks.

So, all in all, dead chuffed with the old tub, very comfortable, allowed us to go to places which would not have been possible without a small camper and by the end of the two weeks she really felt like a home from home.

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Your trip.

Hi Mike,

Good that you got such a good performance out of your Bedford and fifty to fifty five seems to be about the best speed to get the best out of the fuel, I can agree about the state of the roads for a country that claims to be a tourist destination and be reliant on tourist income it is very poor on repairing and resurface work.



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