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gearbox oil change

I probably should have asked before hand...

dropping into third from fourth is a bit of a crunch affair on my CF1 230 4 speed box. I assume it is the syncro but thought for the price of some new gear box oil it would be worth a change - and it did improve the change.

The problem was I could not find a drain plug (to drain the box in situ) so thought why not just take the cover off - it was messy but worked. Only problem is I think I need a new gasket as there is a lot of leaking oil. I will try to tighten the bolts a bit more.

When I took the cover off, I could not remove it as there was a part of the selector mechanism that dropped slightly.

So my questions are:
Is it possible to remove the cover fully with the gearbox in situ or would it be almost impossible to get the selector mechanism back in place?
Where do you recommend a getting a gasket
Do you think I stand any change of cleaning the faces enough to apply a gasket sealer from a tube or
any value in suing an additive to the oil to stop the leak, although I think they are more for leaking seals rather than gaskets.

Any comment would be appreciated.



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Bottom cover.

Hi Kevin,

The bottom cover will come off to drain the oil because there is no drain plug, the selector you will find on the bottom cover is for the reveres gear idler one and will slot back into place.
With the cover cleaned and a new paper gasket you can make yourself from thick brown paper tapped out on the cover with a small hammer and a tube of sealer to stick into place, make sure you seal the bolts before you put them back into place or they will leak.
A good gearbox additive may help a bit with your gear-change, old oil can slow down the sincro action.



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