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For sale cf flat bed

Hi I've just joined today after looking for a cf for awhile with no look. I'm after a cf made in 1987 my birth year as a project to do rallies. I want to build a mini Artic and tow a American 5th wheel trailer to these rallies. I'd like everyone on here who knows if they no a friend who may have one for sale. It will be a nice project that I will share on here and probably with no doubt need some help with. So if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it thanks Martin
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Hi Martin,
I can't help if it's got to be an '87 and to be honest you might never find one build that year as it was the last year for the CF, so numbers would have been very low anyway.
However I've got a C-reg, first registered 11/85 250P, so it's a SWB 2.0l Opel Petrol engined, 4 speed with aluminium pick up bed. Essentially the same as this, but not in the same condition
It needs some welding, but nothing major, comes with a spare passenger door as the one on the pick up is shot. Repair sections for the front wheel arches and lower front wings.
If you're interested message or call me on 07949 913373. I can email you some pics.
I got too many projects and one of them is going to be painted at the end of January, so I could do with some extra funding.
Cheers Frank
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