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Vintage toys.

Hi to all,

Over these long dark winter days of the north I dug out of the attic an old clockwork train set which was bought for my older brother second-hand back in 1941, so it is probably made back in the thirties.
Made by Hornby to scale a goods set the engine being a 442 wheel arrangement, some years ago while clearing out the old family home a dealer offered me £600.00 pounds for it, that was in-spite of some parts being missing.
Having done some repairs such as soldering cleaning and oiling it is now running just like it used to all those years ago.
I showed it to my five year old grandson who loves trains of any kind and he just loves it, problem now is getting him to go home!



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Colin Birch
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Hi Doug

I remember when I was a kid I used to set up my fathers 'O' gauge Hornby trains. I used to love the old clockwork set. When we moved he sold up and we moved on to 'OO' gauge. The old Hornby stuff used to worth a fortune but with the internet and ebay the prices seem to have dropped.

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Pontypridd, S.Wales
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