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CF280 diff/side shaft

Hi, i have CF280 which the side shaft snapped at wheel bearing andwheel leaving me going skidding down the road a 80km per hour for 150 meters. i managed to keep motorhome on the road

i need a new sides shaft and would like following info pls?

1) Is the diff a Solisbury 5HA or 8HA

2) i have located a complete CF1 diff. Will it work on the CF280. i see it is a 5 stud wheel. Will it be compatible with my current wheels?

3) When they loaded the motorhome onto a flatbed there is a road disc that goes between the propshaft and diff where it joins a piece broke off. What is that for and can i just replace it with a spacer?

thank very much any info would be appreciated
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Colin Birch
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Hi John and welcome to CF-UK

Have you got the vehicles VIN including any option numbers? The VIN will look something like :-

97370DV600001 or SKF973700DV600001

There should then be something like :-

DOM 999999
5WH 9R1 054 260 567

If you can post all the info I'll see what I can find out for you

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
The Bedford CF Web Site

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Hi Colin,
Thank you for getting back to me. i attach
ed a pic of the plate

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