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Bedford CF 250 Auto Sleeper for sale

Before putting my old mates van on ebay I want to try to find it good home for it amongst the members of our club.
Bedford CF 250 Auto Sleeper can sleep four with Opel Diesel engine 2.3
12 months MOT. T reg 1979. Date of registration 16-03-1979 So next year the van will be Tax Exempt historic vehicle. It has four new tyres fitted.
It has sink, cooker, fridge fitted. Not tested these yet though.
It is fully up and running ready to show at events, rallies. It would benefit from having fuel sender fixed. I get round it by keeping her full, not ideal though. Need to find Table and support pole. It has external electric hook up but not tested.
The van has been owned by an old friend of mine for 18 years he is mechanic by trade run his own business for many years. The van came his way though friend who owned it in 1970s the engine petrol at the time gave up, and roof stopped popping up. So slowly over that period when fancy took him he fitted the diesel engine. Fixed the pop up roof. Brakes, window winders etc etc. He never used the van in all that time! His pleasure came from saving it from the scarp heap. But did start her regularly out at farm where the van was stored. Price £2950 I can,t see how to add photos so if interested please email me at More information Dave 07474 668342


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