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CF2 2.3 slant - removal of Luminition and going back to points

Hey there, we purchased our lovely little CF250 1980 2.3 slant engined camper about a month ago.

Its never really ran correctly, very low on power, and when put under load it sounded awful. Top speed - and jaunty 60mph.

I wanted to get rid of the lumenition electronic conversion that's been bodged into it, as would prefer to go back to the original points system. Less wires with dodgy electrical insulation tape etc all over the place.

I have refitted the points, but not sure if I have done it correctly, and needless to say, I now don't have a spark. (bugger)

I've fitted the points in, and the cable from there back to the coil. Would anyway have a good image of the distributor wiring to make sure I'm not being completely stupid and missed something?

I'm not that hot on old ignition systems, I'm more ok with dealing with ECU's!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I'm in the dog house with my wife as we were supposed to be going away this weekend in it haha.

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There's an excellent full cf wiring diagram posted here.
Set of manuals is available for download in file section.
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