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searching for my CF 350 'wedding car' A925 YUJ

Hi all , a while or so back I regrettably sold my cf350, circumstances at the time meant she had to go, but now I am hoping that someone out there knows where she is, and is willing to sell her to me.....i know I know, not very likely but it cant hurt to ask.

She was a LWB twin wheel 350 pop top 2.3l engine and 5 spd ZF ( overdrive top)
In 2015 she was our wedding car and after the ceremony we drove to the Billing vboa and honeymooned there , we got into classic car weekly with her :)

we do really wish to have her back, but understand that this is probably not possible, but we miss having a CF so we are open to other possibilities ….although we would much prefer our old one back :)

Here are some pics

from the wedding

And how she was when I sold her...

If anyone is interested, I have a rather nice Magnum for sale/swap/whathaveyou :)

Cheers for taking the time to read this, any help is much appreciated
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According to DVLA,the mot expired on 08 September 2017 & is notified off road.It's also been repainted black.There are companies about that can get the keepers address but they do charge.I'll have a google later to see if I can find one.
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