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Cf280 2.8petrol battery

I have just agreed to get a Cf1 camper van. Only issue is the ignition barrel packed up which they have replaced but now the batteries are dead. What is the best battery to get for the standard running of the van please.
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Hi to all,

The first thing to do is measure your battery box then get a battery the right size with the highest amp-hour rating, and make sure it has the correct poles and the right way around for the cables on the van.

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Colin Birch
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Hi and welcome to CF-UK

As Doug says, get the biggest that will fit.
Does your CF have a single battery for the normal van stuff and for the camper? If it does then it may be worth getting it converted to a twin battery setup. That way the camper lights etc won't flatten the van battery and you'll still be able to start the engine. If it's a single battery and you are going to be using camp sites it may be worth fitting a trickle charger that will keep your battery charged up while you are at the camp sites.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
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Thanks all, not sure on the setup just yet as will have to look when I get it home hopefully tomorrow. It looks like the battery is located under one of the seats in the back. It has already been taken out which is why I need to replace it but hopefully I can get some more answers while I’m sorting it out
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