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Bob Hillier
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Been Ill

not your normai bad. Quack had me in a stetcher fetcher b4 the mrs could stop him. Ward full of woke. Leven days in there---- isnt it? Kidneys and heart. that was early March (yes Colin, my birthday (88). Had to get a punch up going to get out. 75£ for the cab, but well worth.Slow going at the mo` started wearing slippers after Oedema. Painful. Fell asleep driving--bannned. 63 yrs no accidents-- wife, three shops and 600 damages on the corners. Why can`t they drive? Not waiting for prayers any more Watched Queenie, luvly girl

We don`t stop when we get old, but get old when we stop

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Colin Birch
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Hi Bob

Glad to see you are still up and running - sort of Could be a lot worse. And you are still a youngster. Only 28 years older than me.
Nope, I don't know what it is about women drivers. We changed our car back in April. The wife is still having trouble with her legs even after her hip replacement. We decided to go for an automatic this time to help her out. Gives her one less thing to think about when she's driving. Went for a Mini Clubman Cooper SD. She's already kerbed the left wheels over and over again. I haven't shown her how to put in sport mode yet. Not planning to either!

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
Pontypridd, S.Wales
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