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Original Battery Tray

Gday Bedford World

I am respraying my Bedford van and at the moment the battery, is actually in the van under the seat .

I would like to move it where it originally should be ,

The ? is does anyone have a pic of how the Bedford Cf come out with the Battery tray under the Van... I woulod like to have it how it was originally

My Van is a 1977 Model Cf SWB Van

Any pics would be great Thanks
Cheers Shane
Wed 19 Jul 2023 @ 12:02 View Waggs91   Email Waggs91   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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the battery tray is only angle iron making a box with out sides or bottom.

location is behind the passenger seat.
there should be a removablw pannel held in place wit 2 screws.
Sun 22 Oct 2023 @ 18:07 View Gethin   Email Gethin   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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